Monday, April 14, 2014

Everything is a bit of a fixer-upper!

So on my last post I mentioned I was doing some spring cleaning and also some changes in our home arrangements! Here is what we've got so far, plus some other random facts! I love random!

1. Nico and Rebecca are sleeping in the same room now. We wanted to have a guest room available since we will be having some company over in a week: a friend from college will be in Houston on a business trip and I invited her over to sleep in our house! Besides, my in-laws will be here for a good amount of time in november and if everything goes according to the plans, maaaaaybe we'll have some other visitors. You know who you are! Oh... no, you don't! You don't read my blog! Anyway.... The kids are doing fine! The nights are ok since I put Nico to sleep before Rebecca so they don't get to interact with each other. Nico is having some rough nights, but that's probably because something else that's bugging him! And during the naps.... well, regarding this... I'm cheating on the system! I've tried to put them together to nap and sometimes it would work and some other times, it wouldn't! So Nico is sleeping on his crib while Rebecca is having her naps on the "big bed" in the guest room! Don't judge, mommy needs her babies to have their naps! For sanity reasons!

2. No more clutter in our living room! So talking to some friends the other day about how they (super moms of 4 and 5 five kids each) keep their houses so clean, there was only one answer out there: No toys are allowed in the living room! Well, I kinda knew that before, but after struggling trying to keep both things (toys and organization) I was finally convinced to try otherwise. Well, this is my new living room, and the kid's new bedroom! Well, I gotta say I love the new look and the kids love to play on it and it doesn't interfere with their sleep, so: success!!

Her side of the bedroom!

So colorful!

Did you read Rebs and Nico?

Guest Room

Our clutter free living room. I know, we don't have a rug! I'm in the process of convincing Dan to buy one! And we don't have curtains, but that's not my priority!

3. I just cleaned all the windows! Phew! There is more to it than you think, I could bet on it! It's a huge accomplishment for me as I hate very strongly dislike doing it! I just hope they will stay clean for some time!

See what part of the window I mean? Actually, the glass I haven't cleaned yet, but that's piece of cake!

4. Declutter my dinning room: in the process of doing so! Believe me, it was much worse! And since we don't have a work desk I tend to use our dinning table as one! So on this picture what you see it is actually its best state so far! (ps. we usually eat all our meals on our kitchen's table!). Pay attention to the clutter on the wall behind our dinning table! I'm not working on it yet! Your time will come, your time will come, little wall!!

Dinning room almost clutter free

little wall clutter-full Yes, that's our herb's "garden"! =)

5. Declutter my bedroom! Oh my! This one is my never ending working project! I just hate very strongly dislike how papers, books, clothes, toys (!) and practically everything ends up in my room, in my closet, in my drawers and shelves. I say that when I finally finish organizing our papers and documents, we can rest in peace! No pictures, please!

6. We are practically done with our lawn now! I spent some good couple of hours on Saturday removing the weeds close to the other plants and trees and Dan applied weed killers on the grass two weeks ago! It's finally looking good for the first time this year!

I took this pic on saturday so you can't see it, but today we have lots of blossomed roses.

Random facts starting now!

1. Rebecca is my big and best helper! She LOVES to help me do anything and wants to try to do everything by herself! And she is great at it! Really! What a helper! She always helps me on loading and unloading our dishwasher and our laundry machines! She is great at buckling herself up in the car seat, brushing her teeth, etc etc!

Cute, cute!! She is shy and most times won't look at the camera! That must be a good thing!! =)

I got it!!! She was looking at the camera for a split second only!

mommy's little helper!!! I dread our garage walls, but we are renting. I would love to have them painted! Did you notice my yoga mat for our laundry space? It was the cheapest rubber mat I could find and now I regret that I didn't spend an extra $5 to buy a pattern free one!

2. Rebecca loves to draw and to paint! And I love to teach her that! Not to brag or anything, but she already knows so well the abcs, numbers, colors, shapes, nursery rhymes, animals, etc, that I practically don't spend any more time teaching her these things and I let her do more artsy things instead! As to really make it clear that I don't want to brag, I do have a preschool book I bought last year and according to it, she still has lots to learn about some other subjects. For example, everything is "under" or "behind" for her! We are trying to teach her "inside", "beside", "on top", "over", "in front of". And lots of other kinds of things! And I think that she could improve on her artsy side and patience as well! That's why!

playing with brush and paint today!

cute smile!

she painted it all by herself but mommy helped her choose the colors!! 

practically painted it all by herself!

3. We bought Frozen, the movie!!! After watching crappy videos from Frozen on youtube every single day (Dan included!!!) we finally gave in and bought the movie! Nico hates to watch TV (not at all like Rebecca used to be when she was a baby) But he will watch the musical parts of Frozen, only!

4. Nico loves to eat marshmallows! So I bought some bunny marshmallows and will stuff some plastic eggs with it for Easter! We'll be doing a very small egg hunt on our front and back yard for our kids with some toys and some (very few) candies! Wait for pictures next week! And I will be making my lovely chocolate stuffed egg with brigadeiro for myself! Yum! Can't wait! I only haven't started making it because I was sure I wouldn't wait for Easter to eat it!

5. I'm trying to undergo a diet! Nothing much, but to change some of my eating habits now that I'm not breastfeeding anymore! And I'm still strong on my exercising routine! I'm proud of myself!!

6. It's Holy Week, and I'm felling good about it with lots of energy! If everything goes well, Dan will watch the kids for me on Saturday night while I attend the vigil by myself! It's been a good while since my last time! We usually only go to the Easter Mass on Sunday morning, as only one is required and the vigil is too long for the kids!

Good Holy Week and have a nice Easter, everyone!! I will be facebooking and everything-social-media-else afterwards! I just hope I won't be checking it too much like I was before! Let's see! Can't really promise that, but I promise I will try!

The cold front arrived this morning!

Finally gave in to this fun app!! Here are my faves!

It's still me, not my sis Paula! Dan said I look like Emma Watson in this one and he joked that our resemblance it's the reason why he married me! Not romantic but I can't deny I like the compliment!


Monday, April 7, 2014


Today I don't want to spend much time writing because I finally got myself into spring cleaning and - currently - "I'm in the Zone".

So I decided a post full of pictures with captions would do the trick!

And nothing like a short post (in words, because there will be lot of pictures, actually!) to break my sequence of posts in portuguese!

Are you guys ready? Did I mention there are a lot of pics?

By the end of this post I'm sure you guys will be able to tell I have problems choosing pics!

Our big Mardi Gras celebration #not #justsecondhandbeads

I know I'm cute!

But did you know I'm trouble too?

watching a big screen movie: Pao de Queijo in the oven!

love how their bodies are close in this one!

Love Rebecca's new dress, chosen by me!
picnic lunch at the garden. Our garden.

watching Rebecca

love their hats! Before mom had the idea to use the umbrella!

pretty after Mass.

Rebecca is getting much better at painting with color pencils!

she painted the flower and the sun ALL BY HERSELF
Lunch at Fat Bao in Houston
afternoon at the park

daddy is great! He always takes care of both kids and lets me sit at the benches, just watching!

Rebecca is great at making friends, ANYWHERE!

Also a new dress, chosen by me!
the cutest all time weird shaped head boy in the world!

come here, I have to kiss you!

"uhg, if you must."

"are you done, ma'am?"
getting the room ready for both of them to sleep together! First night and first afternoon nap were a success!

"Rebecca's turn" like she always says! She wanted in too!